Business Writing Course
for your Employees
5 weeks / 10 lessons / 10 assignments
All main kinds of business letters covered
Online & flexible schedule
In 5 weeks your employees will learn to write the most common types of business letters and documents, including meeting invitations, delegation letters, complaints, inquiries, networking letters, everyday memos, and also meeting minutes and conflict-resolving letters.

Brief, clear, polite and well-structured letters of your employees will help them improve their professional reputation, as well as the image of your company and your relations with clients and partners.
How it works:
Each participant receives a username and password for access to our e-learning platform, where he/she will receive materials and submit assignments. You can track the participants' progress in your administrator's profile.
Study materials
Twice a week the participants receive lessons in the form of slides. In these lessons they will find everything they need to write a perfect letter - structure, vocabulary, tips and an example.
Practice assignments
At the end of each lesson they will find a practice assignment (to write 1 or 2 business letters). They need to complete and submit their homework within 7 days.
Teacher's feedback
Each participant's homework will be checked by the mentor, mistakes will be corrected and the participants will receive individual tips and comments.
Course program
The course is 5 weeks long and consists of 10 lessons divided between 3 modules.
All the course materials, as well as correspondence with the mentor, are in English.
The minimum required level of English for participation in the course is Intermediate (B1-B2).
The program can be modified according to the needs of your company. Please contact us for more information.
Formal Letters

Lesson 1. Introduction. Formal and informal language. Polite (indirect) questions. Universal structure for a formal letter. Your formal dictionary.

Lesson 2. Letter of inquiry (information request).

Lesson 3. Letter of complaint.
Business Writing

Lesson 4. Work memos – two types of structure, useful phrases. How to write good subject lines. Meeting invitation. Company policy change letter.

Lesson 5. Active and passive voice. Delegation of tasks. Asking someone to do something. Idea proposal. Bringing good and bad news. How to asnwer annoying letters.

Lesson 6. Resolving conflicts. BIFF response. Saying no politely. Different kinds of apologies. Replying to an angry customer. Conflict / problem escalation.

Lesson 7. Meeting minutes.

Lesson 8. Networking letters - maintaining professional and personal relationships.
Client Communication

Lesson 9. Basic sales letter.

Lesson 10.
Bringing bad news to clients.
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