Business Writing for Managers
Learn to write outstanding business letters in English and take your career to a new level!
October 29th - November 25th, 2018
Business Writing for Managers is a 4-week intensive online course which will help you improve your business writing skills in English. You will learn to write polite, clear, professional and well-structured letters for typical situations that you encounter at the workplace on a daily basis.

This course is great for:
Client support specialists in international companies
Entrepreneurs working with foreign partners and investors
Sales and purchase managers, logistics specialists working with foreign partners
Everyone who regularly communicates with foreigners at work
Business consultants, business analysts, financial specialists and economists
Specialists in any field looking for new career opportunities in international companies or abroad
How it works:
Sign up
As soon as you fill the registration form and pay the participation fee, we will email you your username and password for the e-learning platform, where you will receive materials and submit assignments.
Receive materials
2-3 times a week you will receive a lesson with materials related to one type of business letter. In this file you will find everything you need to write the perfect letter - structure, vocabulary, tips and an example.
Do your homework
At the end of each lesson you will find a practice assignment (to write 1 or 2 business letters). You need to complete and submit your homework within 7 days.
Receive feedback
Your homework will be checked by the mentor, mistakes will be corrected and you will receive individual tips and comments and an additional assignment, if it is necessary.
Course program
The course is 4 weeks long and consists of 10 lessons divided between 3 modules.
All the course materials, as well as correspondence with the mentor, are in English.
The minimum required level of English for participation in the course is Intermediate (B1-B2).
Formal Letters

Lesson 1. Introduction. Formal and informal language. Polite (indirect) questions. Universal structure for a formal letter. Your formal dictionary.

Lesson 2. Letter of inquiry (information request).

Lesson 3. Letter of complaint.
Business Writing

Lesson 4. Work memos – two types of structure, useful phrases. How to write good subject lines. Meeting invitation. Company policy change letter.

Lesson 5. Active and passive voice. Delegation of tasks. Asking someone to do something. Idea proposal. Bringing good and bad news. How to asnwer annoying letters.

Lesson 6. Resolving conflicts. BIFF response. Saying no politely. Different kinds of apologies. Replying to an angry customer. Conflict / problem escalation.

Lesson 7. Meeting minutes.

Lesson 8. Networking letters - maintaining professional and personal relationships.
Client Communication

Lesson 9. Basic sales letter.

Lesson 10.
Bringing bad news to clients.
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Business Writing for Managers
Starts on October 29th
120 €
  • 10 lessons in the form of slides
  • 10 practice assignments
  • All assignments checked by your mentor
  • Individual tips and comments from your mentor
  • 6 months' access to study materials
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Participants' reviews
Course mentor
Anna is from Moscow, Russia, but for the past 3 years she has been living in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has a bachelor's degree in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Master's degree in corporate finance from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. She is fluent in English, Bulgarian and Russian. For three years she worked as a business valuation consultant in Ernst & Young, where she participated in a large number of international projects and corporate trainings in negotiations and client communication. Currently she works as a financial consultant and teaches English, business English and business communication.

Anna Shabanova
Course author & mentor
What is the minimum level of English required for this course?
The materials of this course are only provided in English. It will be most useful for participants with an intermediate level of English (B1-B2) and higher.

Необходимо ли е да живея в определен град, за да участвам в курса?
Не, поради своя изцяло онлайн характер, ти можеш да участваш в курса, независимо от твоето местоположение или местоживеене.
Can I just read the materials and not do the practice assignments?
Yes, but you need to remember that the only way to get good at writing business letters is to practice a lot.

How can I sign up for the course?
Please fill out the form and pay using PayPal. We will contact you within 2 business days. You will receive your username and password on the email that you indicated in the registration form. Make sure you write it correctly! If for some reason you do not receive your username and password within 2 days, please contact us at